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What's New?

Toto Wins Again in 2012

Toto, at the age of 8 years won the veterans and was BM2 in a very hard competition last year! So he now adds Veteran Winner-12 to his list of titles, Nordic Junior Winner '05, Winner '05, European Winner '06, Winner '07, Estonian Winner '08 and Swedish Winner '08.

Amonvhars Ultimate Snow Prince... C.I.E FIN MVA JV-05 PMJV-05 EUV-06 V-07 PMV-09 V-09 V-10 SEV-08 EEV-08 ,HevW-12,VV-12...or Toto for short!

Toto Wins in 2013
New arrival from down south

Introducing Dougcan’s Crème Chantilly at Amonvhar or as he is known at home Farley. He arrived from USA this spring and will be seen at the shows with Callie and Gina.

New litter arrival

Dagney and Troy are the dam and sire of 4 pups, born August ’12.  All doing well. Troy is also the sire of Callie.

Callie strikes again

Callie, thanks to the work that Ingrid has done, has performed well at the few shows she has gone to so far in 2012.

Credit is Due

Amonvhar hounds are presented in the show ring by Ingrid Winkler of Innisfail, AB. All her help and support to both me and the dogs is greatly appreciated. A special thank you for the time and work she has put into the dogs when taking them to shows.

Ingrid Winkler
Rory Does More Than Ride

Rory is staying on the move, and not only in his side car. This pup from British Columbia also enjoys going quadding with Mum and kayaking with Dad and Wynn. All this and Patriotic too!

Rory goes quaddingRory goes KayakingHappy Canada Day

Tumbleweed, the Superdog!

Here's Tumbleweed, a pup who is a member of the Superdogs! These are photos taken of Tumbleweed at some of the competitions as well as an artistic portrait. The last image is with Tumbleweed's owner, Shannon Darch from Ontario.

TumbleweedSepia Tumbleweed PortraitTumbleweed


New and Expected Litters

Puppies planned for summer / fall of 2014..

Litter planned from Indra and Troy.